Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can She Read?

I took the day off work yesterday and went on a field trip with Lucy's preschool class. We went to the Knox County Airport. It's very small. No security checks necessary.

Like most preschool classrooms Lucy's has some morning routines she needs to complete. One of them to to move a clothes pin with her name from the home side of the chart to the school side.

Lucy is a jokester. She likes to do things just to be funny; for example, sitting on the potty with her pants on, stealing your seat when you get up and many others.

So there we are at the chart when another mother and her son come up. Lucy grabs a name, gets that rotten little smile on her face, and looks at me. "Lucy, is that your name?"
"What does that say?"
"Find Lucy."
"Lucy is that your name?"
"Whose name is it?"
"Find Lucy." At this point the mom looks at Lucy then back and me and has the biggest look of shock on her face! "Can she read?" I reply with, "She's working on it," and Lucy goes through the game with one more name before she finally decides to choose her own.
The look on the mother's face was priceless. I love moments like that. A moment went Lucy gets a chance to knock someones socks off. A chance to tear down some of the walls of stereotype that are built around people with special needs. It was a good moment.


kerri said...

I can't wait to be closer to your family and to see Miss Lucy in action!

Anonymous said...

Lucy is a smart and wonderful little girl just the way that she is!


Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

Wow! Way to go Lucy! You are amazing,
Sunshine. I love your ornery smile. It shows how much spunk you have.

Love you,

Rachal said...

Go Lucy! That is amazing!!! Auralie can't read that well yet, but she's working hard. Miss you all. :)