Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Turning 5 seems to mark a turning point in birthdays. For us 1-4 has been a gathering of family and a few close friends. I’m not sure if this is how it is for everyone but 5 seems to be the start of the "friend" parties.

We have been to three parties for kids from Lucy’s preschool class. The families have been kind enough to invite everyone from their class. So far we’ve made a point to go to every party we have been invited to.

To be honest they are pretty difficult for me. The kids in Lucy’s class are very kind to her but at parties it’s pretty evident that she is an outsider. She needs a little more help when it comes to the games and sitting and watching the presents being opened. I’m always on guard wondering if she has gone upstairs and found her way into the parent’s bedroom. I’m totally cool with everything but when I see her being left behind it’s hard on me. I wish I didn’t care what others thought but I always wonder what other parents are thinking. Usually I can brush most of this off because Lucy hasn’t quite caught on yet. Recently I’ve seen a look on her face that is making me begin to wonder if she is starting to notice. Ouch!

Some parties are easier than others. This past weekend we went to a turning 5 party for a girl in Lucy’s class. It was great… no organized games, the kids could go upstairs or downstairs. They played, opened presents, ate cake (she’s a pro at this), and played outside. The little girl’s parents were great in the way they talked with Lucy and made room for her to be herself. She is always a big hit with adults.

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