Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day # 7

Here we are in another snow day. I was happy with the 2 hour delay. Don't get me wrong I love being at home with my kids. Especially since I've had to work some full days this week. It's just that we are now 2 days into summer break. Boo hoo.

We have enjoyed these days though. We've made cookies, muffins, built tent after tent after tent. I'm trying to think about what special activity could be on today's agenda. I'm guess more baking and tent building.

In other news, Lucy has had some pretty big breakthroughs lately. For the past couple of months she has pretty much become an independent dresser. She can get everything on from undies to socks. She can even get boats on, if we don't make her wear her braces. She's pretty proud of herself.

She has been potty trained since 3. Most of the success has been because of our potty schedule. She rarely has any accidents. As long as we remember to take her on time. She has never had an accident at school. Her teachers tell us that she tells them when she needs to go. She just never tells us at home. For the past week or two she has started to let us know. She has always been telling us after the fact. She would say "Mommy, wet." Well now, she has been saying, "Mommy, wet" before she goes. We have been going praise crazy when she tells us ahead of time. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we are turning a corner!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news. She told me she was wet the other day after she got up. I should have taken her to the bathroom right then and had her go potty and put on her big girl panties. Instead I told her she had her pull-up on and it was okay. I didn't know she had been telling you. Nevertheless, Grammy should have known better. Any time a child says something like that it is certainly an indication that he/she is aware of what is going on and needs to be encouraged to do it. Well, we live and learn and progress is being made.

Yeah, Lucy! I am so excited to see and hear of your progress.
I love you, Lucy. You are my little sunshine girl.


Poppa said...

Of course we read the comments...and Lucy Kay is absolutely precious...I wish our Lainey and she could enjoy a playdate so Lainey would see how fun Nella will soon be. I am Nella's Poppa (grandpa) from Enjoyingthesmallthings and we are so glad you stopped by! Celebrate the beauty that is yours--she is wonderful as is Simon!