Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Climber

So I've been collecting these pictures for the past couple of weeks. I really wondered if I should even be taking them since this isn't the type of behavior I want to encourage. How could I resist? Ian is such a climber. He loves climbing on things and then standing on them. The Smith's were over for dinner on Tuesday and James said that he thinks Ian will diffently have a career where he climbs and then stands on things. He hates sitting. When he is in a high chair or even a shopping cart he always wants to get up on his knees. This has added to our parental work load!
Right now it's difficult to keep the kids entertained in one room for any extended period of time unless the TV is on. Simon and Lucy want to play games or puzzles but none of those things are possible if Ian is awake. Ian also won't stand for being gated in while others are free. My hope is in the fact this will pass quickly. I maybe be feeling more frustrated the third time around because I feel like I've been in this stage since 2006. Ian is our last, and thought there are many things I will miss about not having anymore babies around. This stage is not one of them.


Anonymous said...

You are so cute, Ian, and perhaps just a little ornery. Your aunt Susie was a climber also and now she is not at all fond of heights. Maybe
that will happen to you too. Can't wait to see you and Simon and Lucy tomorrow. It seems like a long time
since we have seen you all.

Love you,

Jennifer said...

Oh, Ian, what a cute little stinker you are. Okay, I am seriously dreading this phase with Liam. right now we can still do games and puzzles on the coffee table, but we have maybe 2 more months of this before we'll have to relocate all activities. Oh my! Number 3 grows up fast!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ian! Neither your mommy nor your aunt Jessica were climbers so all your little climbing tricks are cute to nana just don't get hurt!

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! Micah was our climber. She could scale up and over the baby gate and out of her crib at 14 months!!! We thought this was normal until we had the rest : ) She is a great tree climber...and will probably be our first to end up in the emergency room with a broken bone! Ian's going to LOVE the park this summer. Take care! Sarah Schmitz