Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grandma Lucy and Children's

I really am regretting not having my camera with me today. I wish I could have captured a picture of my grandma playing with my kids.

Today we took Lucy to Children's for a JRA appointment. In the past we have always taken Simon to Carey's but since they now live in Chicago that's out of the question. It's so much easier to handle 2 instead of 3. Thankfully my grandma (who my Lucy is named after) was free and Simon got to spend the afternoon with her. I just kept thinking how lucky my kids are to be able to have a relationship with their great grandma. She is an amazing woman.

Good news! Lucy is officially in clinical remission with treatment. In 6 months, if no symptoms come back, we will begin to wean her off her meds. It is a very slow process because there is a chance that if the JRA comes back that it could come back stronger and may not respond to the old treatment. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything says good even through the cold weather.

We also got to see a friend today while we were at children's. We are so thankful for them and are looking forward to seeing Elli very soon!

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kerri said...

If you ever need a hand with Simon (or Ian) while you are in Columbus again, Evan would love to play!

My kids are lucky to have their great grandmothers in their lives too. You are so right, it is a gift!