Wednesday, September 02, 2009

1st Day

Preschool year 2. The first day was much smoother than day one last year. She went right to circle time and was very happy. When Kevin picked her up the teacher did mention that she got a little weepy around snack time and was asking for us, but overall good day! I was feeling so good. So proud of her being such a big girl.
Today was a different story. She wouldn't let me leave. HUGE tears and just wanted to be held. I snuck out during a song. I could hear her beginning to cry as I walked out the door. It felt horrible. Last year it took about a week. We are keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi, there, Sunshine. You look so cute and grown up on your first day of school. You are such a blessing to us and we love you so...! much.
We pray for you all the time.

Grammy and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

What a big girl! I love that smile! Hope you like school this year and have lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow... I'm so impressed! Lucy, you look so grown up with your back-pack on! I'm excited you get to go to school with Ella too. :)

Mandy, hope things are going well for you this year as you start your school too! I miss you guys. Much love,