Tuesday, June 09, 2009


After rice cereal, avacados were all of their first foods. I looked back in our phots and found a picture of each of them enjoying them for the first time. The top is Ian, then Simon, and then Lucy. It's so fun to look at pictures of them when they were about the same age. They are all around 6 1/2 to 7 months in these pictures. Ian's hair really doesn't look that red in real life.
I usually try to make most of the kids' baby food. WIth Lucy I was pretty successful. With Simon I was mostly successful and with Ian we'll see. Making his avacados was quite and adventure. Lucy and Simon where running around and I was wearing Ian in a sling because he would cry if I laid him down. All I have is a Magic Bullet. It takes awhile to make a large batch. I think that if I had some thing bigger it would be easier. It's just hard to spend the money on a food processor when I'm pretty sure Ian will be our last.


Jennifer said...

I love food photos!! You're right, those are the best bibs EVER!!

Rachal said...

Wait a minte didn't kevin say he wanted 7? :)
Ian and Simon look so much alike in those pictures!

Brent and Michaele LaVigne said...

Hey Lucy!! (And Mandy and Kevin. :))This is Brent and Michaele. As we are settling into our flat we have finally been putting up decorations and the second decoration we put up (after the picture from church) was your calendar (except we are going to use your picture for every month!) We love and miss you -- and Ian and Simon, and your mom and dad too. Keep writing and posting pics for us.

Lucy was in Michaele's dream the other night... more signs that my heart and mind are still with you in many ways. We love you!!!!

- Brent and Michaele