Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Waffles Fall Down

So the other day at breakfast. Lucy looks at me and says, "Mommy, waffles fall down" and then she laughs. She keeps saying this over and over and continues to laugh at herself. Now she was eating a waffle so I'm thinking she just being silly. She has said this a few more times in the past week. Always laughing.
Then on the way to preschool this moring. We were singing some songs in the car. Then she says again, "Mommy, waffles fall down."
"Lucy that is not a song." Then I think to myself... "waffles fall down.... We all fall down." We have been playing Ring Around the Rosie often. That time at breakfast I think we had played it the night before. "Lucy are you saying we all fall down?" "Uh huh." Then we began to sing.


Anonymous said...

You are just too cute! I like playing "waffles fall down" with you and Simon. What fun!

I love you all!


Anonymous said...

You are fascinating. I love the way you are communicating now. You are Grammy's little Sunshine because you bring such joy to my life.