Monday, February 02, 2009


Breakfast is usually the most uncomplicated meal of the day. Waffles, mini pancakes, Honeynut Cheerios, or oatmeal - any of them make Simon and Lucy content. This morning Lucy choose Cheerios but also insisted that Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming sit with her. Simon was already finished and I tried to sit them in his seat but she wanted to hold them. This was her attempt at Cheerios with the Wonder Pets in her lap. As you can see, she was able to fingure it out in the end.


Jess said...

She wanted to play with them when I was upstairs with her on Saturday. She asked me to get them out of Simon's crib. After I handed them to her she put them in the crib that is in her room with the rest of the animals. Poor Simon was left with nothing.

Jess said...

Oh and I love the pics on the side bar!

Anonymous said...

It's always more fun to share breakfast with friends. Hope you enjoy your day.