Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm Havin' A Party

Who's Invited? : YOU!
Why: To celebrate my first year of life.
When: June 4 at 5:00
Where: My house
What: Were having a cookout
RSVP in the comment section
Looking forward to celebrating with you!


The McMillans said...

Count us in for 3. Can't wait to see you at Julian's party this Sunday!

Love ya!

The Camerons said...

We hope you had a spectacular 1st birthday! Tell your Daddy and Mommy to come to the cookout so we can see you! :)

Adam said...

happy birthday kiddo, sorry i cant be there

Kelli said...

happy 1st birthday, sweet girl! i hope you're having a great time in florida with mom and dad. can't wait to see you again...