Thursday, May 04, 2006


The plans are still in the works, but my first birthday will be celebrated on Sunday June 4th in the evening. It will be at my house. Everyone is invited! Keep checking here for more information in the coming weeks.

In other news: I'm cutting my first teeth which isn't very much fun. I also just went to my doctor visit at Children's with the down's specialist and the word she said that stuck out the most was "incredible."


Kerri said...

You are incredible, as are your parents! We miss you.
Come visit us after your birthday so you can meet baby Evan.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sunshine. You are incredible,
our miracle baby! God just keeps
surprising us with His love for you. How blessed we are to be a part of your life!

Love you forever and ever,

David Rumph said...

Thank you Kevin for the priviledge of coming to know Lucy. I am grateful to God for your invitation into the life of your family. Grace and peace to you all, now and forever.

Anonymous said...

wow this is amazing! i googled my name which is lucy kay too and found that there is someone else in the world with my name!

im lucy kay, 18 from london enlgand and going to university this october, last week at school so exited! anyway from one lucy to another have a good day!

Anonymous said...

can i just add (this is the girl with the same name) it says its 4.26pm but here in england its 9.27 am and im in the school library supposed to be revising for me a2's this summer! lol

Kelli said...

hey sweet girl,
i wish i could come party with you on your big day, but i'll be in san diego. ask mom and dad about california, they'll tell you its a beautiful place. have a great time at your party friend, i'll be thinking of you! hey, ask your parents when matt and i could get together with you guys...