Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm getting dedicated

My parents have finally set the date for me to get dedicated at church, February 12th at 11am. Dad says everybody's invited. Dad said him and mom dedicated me to God while I was still in the womb, but we still need to do this in the midst of our church community. He says, God is faithful and won't forget what they promised long ago. But him and mom are human and they may tend to forget promises they make and that's what our church community is for. They will remind mom and dad in the good, bad, and ordinary times of life of the promises they have made and to whom I truly belong, to my Father in Heaven. This will also remind our church community of the responsibilities they have in raising me as well.

Jamie Parry will be doing the dedication and Michaele will be preaching that day. Dad says he just wants to be a daddy on that day.


Anonymous said...


I can still remember the day pawpaw and I dedicated your mommy to the Lord. Just a tiny baby. Not sure of where God would lead us as a family and especially how he would use your mommy as she grew up. We knew, just like your mommy and daddy, how important that day would be in her life. You are blessed with a wonderful chuch family just as your mommy and daddy were. We can't wait to share that day with family and friends. God bless you!

I love you!

The McMillans said...


I can't wait! By the way, it has almost been a month since I have seen a new picture on your website. I need a new background on our computer.

Love ya,

Aunt Jessica

Amanda H said...

I might attempt to come up to the BIG MTV (depending on Bryan's work schedule) but I need directions to the church. Could you email me, amanda.helwig@morganstanley.com and let me know how to get there and any other details I might need. Thanks,