Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my daddy's birthday. I just thought I would take a minute to let you all know what a wonderful dad I have.
1. He doesn't make me eat avacado- Even though Mommy says I should
2. He sometimes spoils me and holds me while I nap.
3. He reads me as many books as I want
4. He sings to me.
5. He prays for me.
6. I love the way he looks at me. It's as if I'm the only baby in the world.
7. He keeps me safe from Hank.
8. He loves my mommy.
9. He plays with me even when he is tired.
10. Just Because

If you read this maybe you could take a minute to tell my daddy something you love about him.


Anonymous said...

We love your daddy for those same reasons. We couldn't have said it any better. You are a very blessed little girl. What a wonderful daddy you have. Give your daddy a birthday kiss and hug from us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!!!

nana and pawpaw

Kerri said...

Kevin Peterson has been on the top of my favorite people list for a long time now. His joy for life is inspiring. Love you Kevin!

Anonymous said...

YOu do have a wonderful, loving daddy. He's this mom's baby, just
like you are his baby. We love him for all those same things you
mentioned, plus his love for people and ministry and his love
for Jesus. He has grown into the
husband and father and man your
grammy and grandpa had hoped he would. We are blessed to call him
our son. We are blessed to have
you as our granddaughter and your
mommy as our daughter-in-law. You
all make a very special family.

Tell your daddy how much we love him and give him a big birthday
kiss and hug for us.

Love you,
Grammy and Grandpa

Anonymous said...


I love your daddy too! He used to be pretty annoying especially when he was in middle school. (I'll show you some pictures one day)He's pretty much outgrown that now and he's turned out to be a pretty great guy! I love your daddy because he's my only brother and rescued me once when I really needed it. Happy Birthday BUD!


Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

Great Grandma&Grandpa think your

Daddy is a super sort of dad. And

we think your Mommy is special too.

The Camerons said...

Your daddy always made us laugh!

Happy B-day Kevin!

Kelly said...


I love the way your daddy used to rub his hands together when he got really excited!! James and I still do this and think of him every time!