Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm a half

I turned six months old yesterday and I'm learning to sit up by myself. I'm begining to not like these birthday things cause all I usually get is more shots. Since i'm six months old I get to go to the down syndrome clinic at Children's hospital for the first time this Thursday at 10:45 AM and every six months after that until I'm five. Mom and dad don't know what to expect from this appointment except that we will see a doctor who specialized in down syndrome. Say a prayer for us cause mom and dad are a bit nervous as always. Posted by Picasa


The McMillans said...

How did it go today sweet pea?

Kerri said...

My goodness your cute!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Lucy!
When I look at your pictures on your blog I smile and cry at the same time. You are beautiful and everytime I see you I'm reminded of our wonderful Lord. How he has heard and answered our prayers. You may surprise some doctors but you don't surprise nana! To quote Carol Tolbert - "God knows who to give his babies to". We are so blessed.
I love you and your mommy and daddy! nana

Anonymous said...

Zachy says, "I'm going to buy you a barbie." And Austin says that he misses you so much and he wants to go to Ohio to see you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucy
Grandma&Grandpa in Florida are
so impressed with the progress
you are making. Mommy and Daddy
must be very proud of you.Miss
seeing you. Glad we can at least
see pictures of you on our computer. Love you. We also pray
for you. Merry Christmas to you
and Mommy & Daddy