Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Field Trip

As you can tell from the previous picture (it was posted here so my pawpaw could help diagnose the problem for dad) we had some plumbing problems at our house. We had up to 4 inches of water in our basement today and our whole house smells. So we are spending the night at nanaw and pawpaws house and every future night until daddy fixes the plumbing and gets rid of the awful smell in our house.


The McMillans said...


Sorry about the mess, but you'll have fun! Staying at their house is the best. I hope that you took all of your new toys. I love my Kitty Kats that you got me for Christmas. Mommy made milk shakes out of a couple last night and they were great! Let me know if we can meet for dinner since you are so close. If you took Hank I'll bring my puppy Woody and they can play.



The Camerons said...

We saw your picture in the NOW! We are so happy for you and your mommy and daddy! We love to see you grow! Give your mommy and daddy a big hug for us! Enjoy your first New Year!

Anonymous said...


Nana and pawpaw were happy to have you! The time went so fast though.

Yesterday you got to meet aunts and uncles and just a few of nana's cousins when we went to the hospital to see your great-great grandma Sherrick. I was so happy that you came. Grandma Sherrick is in heaven now! You would have loved her, she was so special. We will all miss her! I hope that I can be half the grandma to you that she was to me. We are so fortunate to have such a loving and caring family. Thank you God!!