Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mommy and daddy tend to get pretty excited when I do stuff now days. I just picked this block up with both hands cause it was sitting on my lap and mom had to go get the camera and started taking all sorts of pictures. They just keep telling me how amazing I am. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy! We hadn't seen your web site until tonight. Your Great Grandpa Stout gave it to us in an e-mail. You are so beautiful! Aunt Donna had to go back right to the very first posting and catch up on every single thing that has happened to you in your busy life. Lucy, you are a very lucky little girl. You are loved by so many people and God has given you the parents that He thought would be just right for you. We love you and we haven't even seen you in person yet. You can be sure you and Mommy and Daddy are in our prayers.
Aunt Donna and Uncle Butch

Anonymous said...

That's our girl, Lucy. You are just so cute and so amazing. What
a ray of sunshine you are to our lives. Grandpa and Grammy love
you forever and always.

Anonymous said...

I know what you are looking for! Somewhere on that block there must be a fire truck. If not you let papa know and he will get you a block with a fire truck on it. Have a great day!

js2b said...

Mandy, Lucy is beautiful and I loved seeing Lucy and you the other night. Thanks so much for letting me take a shower Mandy! I know you understand because you're a mom yourself, busy and tired! You're a great mother and Lucy is a wonderful little girl. I love seeing Lucy in your blog! Again, thanks!

The McMillans said...


I had so much fun with you last night at Grandma's house. Next time bring daddy! You are doing so many new things. You are awake so much more now. Your smile, your laugh, your cute little voice, each is a fingerprint of God. When you look around it is like you are looking for the first time. Exploring every inch you can get your eyes on. You are so beautiful!


Aunt Jessica