Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Update and Prayer Request

Well I went to my monthly physical therapy appointment yesterday and the therapist didn't know what advice to give mom and dad. She said I was doing so well that they should just keep doing what they are doing. I guess I am developmentally right on track for any kid my age so that is a big big praise!

Mom and dad say that I am one big miracle. They believe God is doing a great work in me. And since God is in the miracle business I ask you to pray for this guy named Mark Palmer. He is a church planter near OSU in Columbus. Though Dad has never met him before he has a ton of respect for him. A couple of girls who go to his church actually pray for me regularly (Mandy and Kelli, I can't wait to meet you this week!). Mark has a real serious form of cancer and dad and I pray for his complete healing nearly every morning. Would you join with us?

He actually has a blog that tells his story as well. To check it out go here.

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