Thursday, October 06, 2005

California Here We Come

Well, tomorrow I take my first trip out of Ohio. Mommy and I are going to CA to visit our good friends Carey and Madi. Daddy got us a special present since he was going to be out of town too. Mommy's pretty nervous because she really doesn't want to make me uncomfortable. I keep telling her I'll be fine but it doesn't seem to help. So if you would all pray for our journey I'm sure she would appreciate it. Hollywood here I come.


The McMillans said...


I;m going to miss you and your mommy sooooooooooo much!


Aunt Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy, this is Christy Taylor. Andrew, Abby and I ran into Kevin and Lucy today at Staples and I just wanted to say hi to you as well. Abby LOVES Lucy. She spent the whole rest of the afternoon saying "Mommy shhhhh...Lucy sleeping". It was really cute. Hope you're doing well and maybe I'll see you at Sips soon.
Andrew, Christy and Abby Taylor