Friday, May 04, 2012

IEP Meeting

Last Wednesday we had Lucy's IEP meeting for next year. We dread those meetings. Most of the people that are around the table are people that I worked with before I decided to stay at home. There are many pros and cons to this arrangement. It's hard to truly fight for what's best for Lucy and at the same time be thinking about the fact that one day I'm going to hopefully be working with all these people again.
Overall it went really well and once again I found myself so thankful to be where we are. We have had a great kindergarten year and I have really appreciated how the school has worked to keep her fully included in the a.m. class. I wish there was some way to keep that going.
Our goal for this next year it to keep the pull outs at a minimum. I had asked if we could do PT before or after school. I asked for a 3/4 classroom to therapy room ratio for OT and maybe a 2/4 for speech. PT and Speech were pretty willing to work with those times.
Lucy's OT goals are writing and cutting goals. In a first grade classroom writing and cutting is happening 95% of the time. I'm not sure why OT can't happen in the classroom. The OT seemed pretty overwhelmed by my request. I suggested maybe there would be more carryover of skills if the OT met with the classroom aide instead of meeting with Lucy. She didn't seem to like that idea either.
We all talked together and decided the OT would happen before or after school and we would try and get PT in on the playground. I'm so glad that we insist that everyone be there at this meeting. The first date they had scheduled one of the therapists couldn't be there so we said that we needed a time when they could all be there. So we rescheduled. It felt great to be heard and even though they didn't all necessarily agree they worked to come up with a solution for all of us.
There were awkward moments and weird comments made but compared to other stories I hear I know I need to be thankful.

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