Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dr. Spencer

Today Lucy had an apt. with her rheumatologist and minus the fact that we were there for 2 hours because we she was seen twice, once by a resident for practice, I'm assuming, and then again by Dr. Spencer. It was another encouraging visit. He asked if we wanted to totally take her off her meds. I was a little nervous because he has said so many times that we want to make sure she is clear because once we take her off it could come back and come back stronger. He is pretty sure it's gone but she still pulls back a little when he pushes her left wrist. So we decided to cut the meds in half and give it 3 more months. It will be so good for her to finally get off these meds.
He is such a good doctor. He listens and I feel like we work together to do what's best for Lucy. I know that it's a busy office but I always feel like he gives us the time we need.

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