Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer Speech

We started summer speech this week. We decided that we could just do Joanne and speech this summer. Lucy is working with a different therapist than she does during the school year. This would make for a grand total of 7 different speech therapist she has had. Each has their "way" of working with her. Each brings their strengths and knowledge into her sessions. Two therapist ago I mention how I own the Talk Tools whistles and if she wants I could bring them in. She says she doesn't think that is what Lucy needs. (strengthening)

So we start with therapy this week and what does Lucy do on day one, a whistle. I tell the therapist that I have the whistles and she ask for them and says that's what they will be working on. Our homework, eating applesauce and pudding with a straw and to practice the whistle. (strengthening)
As I said... each brings their strengths and knowledge into her sessions.

All of this makes me realize, once again, how responsible I need to be for Lucy's education. You would think that as kids moved from one therapist to the next that the therapist would communicate. That hasn't happened for us. One writes the goal with our input but the next one interprets it differently than intended. It's our job to keep things connected for her. We are the constant.

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