Thursday, October 29, 2009

Always Happy?

A few months back Lucy and I were at the grocery store together waiting in line. Because Lucy is so friendly and says “Hi” to just about everybody we struck up a conversation with the lady behind us. I’m pretty sure she realized Lucy had Down syndrome and said, “I bet she is always this happy.” Let me just say that line always make me giggle.

I think it was the next day that Lucy and Simon officially got in their first fight with arms swinging at each other, lots of screaming, both crying, and Daddy putting them both in timeout with more screaming and crying to follow. But of course there were sorry’s, hugs, and “I love you’s” to follow.

Lucy is quite the pleasant kid. She can make friends with just about anybody and gives the best hugs, but she isn’t always happy. I’m amazed by the myth out there that people with Down syndrome are locked into this state of perpetual happiness. People with Down syndrome are human and experience all the same emotions that every other human in this world experiences. They are, like the new Down syndrome slogan says, “More Alike than Different.”

But to make all of you happy right now, here are a few pictures of my kids being happy and loving each other:


Jennifer said...

You have so many nice photos of your kids together. I don't have any yet! Mine do not cooperate!

Brent and Michaele LaVigne said...

These photos made me more than happy -- overjoyed to the point of laughter and a few (little) tears!! My gosh how I love these kids! Thank you for sharing them (in real life and in pictures:)).e