Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brent and Michaele

On Monday we said good-bye to our friends, partners, and babysitters. Brent and Michaele left West Side to go and spend a year in Swaziland. We already miss them. Simon has already been asking where they are.
Simon- "Where's Kale?"
Me-"Kale is in Africa."
Simom- "Kale in Africa?"
They have a blog but I'm not sure what the address is. I'll put it in my blog list once I find it.

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Brent and Michaele LaVigne said...

Oh, how I miss these kids!! I have to admit, reading the Simon conversation did make me teary. And it's only been a week!!! Thank you for your prayers and support. I'm glad you found our blog! Tell Lucy I say congrats about finishing her year of preschool. :) And I also want to know about Mandy's job at school. Love you guys!