Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve last updated everyone. As you can tell from all the pictures dad posted below I’ve recently turned three and mom and dad have said I’m going to have another little brother this November. I’m enjoying life more and more every day!

The little brother I already have, Simon, already weighs more than me, but I am sure to always remind him that I’m the oldest. We got along great and always play together, though we occasionally fight over toys.

Mommy has started potty training me this summer. It’s been tough, but I’m already making a lot of progress. The accidents are getting fewer and fewer every day.

My tutor is making lots of progress with me. I know almost every letter in the alphabet and can sight read approximately fifteen words. You can’t always understand everything I say, but my vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

My arthritis is doing tons better. We’ve finally found a drug that works really well. I rarely feel any pain and I hardly even limp anymore. I’m pretty much running now and can almost jump. The only problem is that we think the new medicine is causing me to be anemic. So now mom is trying as hard as she can to get more foods with iron into my little body.

I thought I would close with my Top Ten Favorite Things:
10. Waking up at 6 AM to Watch Cartoons
9. Playing Outside
8. Singing
7. Taco Bell
6. Music and Dancing
5. Ice Cream
4. Mommy and Daddy
3. The Wonder Pets
2. My Brother Simon
1. Picking on Simon


Jess said...

I love you! I do miss seeing your smile in that picture from Taco Bell at the top of the page. For some reason I can't sleep, but I hope that you are asleep and nana and papa's right now. I was thinking about you a little bit ago. I wish that Friday wasn't the 4th so that we could have lunch together. Next Friday we'll do lunch. Love you!

Aunt Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Lucy!

What a sweetie you are and that cute little brother of yours. I can't believe that you pick on him. Although I may have picked on your great uncle Darrel a time or two. I'm so thankful that you are doing better! God hears and answers our prayers. I hope you and Simon have a wonderful summer. Hope to see you soon!

We love you!
nana and papa