Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Me and little brother.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy!

You and Simon make the cutest brother and sister pair ever!
I love to hear you say brother.
I can already tell that you are going to have such a special relationship with him. Brothers are all I know. I had two great ones you know - Uncle Larry and Uncle Darrel. Have fun with Simon.

Nana and pawpaw really love you guys! Bye bye for now.

Anonymous said...

How precious you and Simon are, Lucy! I can't wait to see you and
brother again. Grammy and Grandpa
love you so... much. You are our
little Sunshine.

Anonymous said...

You two are adorable!!!
May God Bless You Both Always,
Steve, Tish, Jeremiah, Benjamin, Jonathan and Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

It's only been three weeks since we visited, how did he get so big so fast! Wow--you both are cute!

Kelly said...

What a sweet picture!! It must be awful to have such cute kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy you take good care of your little brother! I have a little brother but now he's bigger than me! It will probably happen to you too. I can't wait to meet your little brother!


Aunt Susie

Jen and Steve said...

Hey... we miss you guys and want to come visit you and all of your friends and family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy-

Lelia, Laura, and I cannot believe how big you two are getting. I cannot believe I have not seen your brother yet. We are coming to see you as soon as possible!!