Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Great Article

For a great article to read about down syndrome and the diagnosis of it while in the womb read this one in Newsweek. Mom and Dad also wanted to add if any of you ever meet someone who is told that they are going to have a baby with down syndrome that mom and dad are more than willing to talk with them about it. Most likely all they will have is fear, but mom and dad can speak hope into their lives.

The one draw back of the article is that it always refers to people with down syndrome as "Down Syndrome people" or "Down Syndrome babies." For the record down syndrome is never capitalized in the Peterson house and always comes last, because I am a person first and down syndrome is only a part of who I am, it is not who I am. Mom and dad hate it when we go see a doctor and they start making generalizations about me because of my chromosones. They wish they would examine me first and see me for who I am, Lucy, and not some title in which I don't fit all the generalizations.

So read the article and see everyone around you as the unique people that they are.


Kelli said...

i love you lucy. i have love for your parents too, please tell them that. what a beautiful family you are... and its about to get bigger! i'm excited to hear about your new brother or sister and to see how you nurture it the way mommy and daddy have been nurturing you.
blessings and peace my little red-headed, smiling-the-time friend,

Anonymous said...


You are definitely one special little girl. We are blessed and honored to have you as a part of our family! We love you!

Aunt Susie, Uncle Jose, Austin and Zachy (and now Sweetie who can't wait to meet you!)

Becky said...

Thank you for your beautiful words and for posting that article! We have decided not to even have our unborn baby tested because we have no desire to end a precious life no matter what the doctors might say. Those words were so encouraging!!! :) Congrats on the new baby brother!