Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Time for bed

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lucy,
Looks like Mom and Dad kept you up too late. What were they thinking?

Love you Sunshine,

Anonymous said... mean lucy. I love your pictures. You look cute in them. You should be a model some day, your have the attitude, character and eyes for it.


Adam said...

I am glad to have worshiped with you Kev, and with the others. You were my family in JC. Just thought I'd reminde you. God bless... and Lucy too.

trangirls said...

Hey Lucy, Mrs. Peterson, and Keven,
Its Amanda, Melissa And Mindy Tran! We just wanted to stop by and say hi we're glad to see that Lucy is doing well, we hope your summer is going great!

Hope to see you soon,
Tran Girls