Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm growing up...

My daddy was out of the country for ten days touring Israel and when he came back home he said I changed so much. Here are some new things that I'm doing one week short of being ten months old:

-I army crawl everywhere and I even get up on my hands knees a lot, but I still haven't figured out how to move forward in that position.
-I turn the pages for mommy and daddy when they read me books. Sometimes this cuts daddy short in what he's reading me, but I just want to see what's on the next page.
-I clap my hands all the time.
-I can get myself into a sitting position with just the smallest amount of help.
-I'm finally holding a bottle all by myself. Mommy says I could have done it sooner, but since they would always do it for me I thought why bother?
-I'm able to crawl over pillows and legs. Now if I could just figure out how to get over those gates I would be free.
-Though I still look bald, I now have hair all over my head.
-And I've developed the cuttest laugh in the whole world, but mommy is the only one who can get it out of me so far.

I also wanted to say a quick shout out to all my friends at this church called Landing Place. Daddy and I still pray for you every morning when I have my first bottle.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy. (And Mandy and Kevin). Hey, just wanted you to know that we won't be at church tomorrow becuase our sister in law is in columbus at a conference so we are going to visit her. Hope you guys have a great week, and we'd like to have you over one night this week for dessert or something. I'll give ya a call.

Anonymous said...

and the people from the church called landing place say "thank you". your prayers help so muc. we are filled with so much hope. we love the peterson's! mandy (on behalf of lp)